May 26, 2008

Python for Series 60 Upgrade

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The newer version of Python for Series 60, 1.4.3, is out, and I’ve upgraded my Nokia 7610 with it. This is an Open Source project to port the beautiful Python programming language to Symbian Series 60 phones, which goes under the name of pys60. The advantage is that you’ve now got a scripting solution to access the Symbian Series 60 C++ APIs. Python provides the power of accessing underlying layers compared to J2ME, whilst remaining easier in terms of learning curve than Symbian C++. The python interpreter cum shell allows code to be executed directly on the phone – and the shell can be accessed via bluetooth from a PC, which means code written on the PC can be executed on the Phone real-time ! – More on that later though…
Installing Python on Series 60 devices is as simple as sending the relevant .SIS file of the interpreter to the phone. The SIS files are available on the project site: be sure to check the category of your Phone OS, and download the specific version. For Nokia phones, the version can be obtained at Forum Nokia. For instance, my Nokia 7610 is a Series 60 Feature Pack2, so I’ll be downloading Python for Series 60 FP2.
Now to check whether my previous code snippets are backward-compatible…. And yes, they are 🙂
Python Series 60


December 24, 2006

The Festive Sahana Rudolph

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The modified version of the song is sung as follows: 2 Days before Christmas my true love gave to me:  Version 0.5 Alpha of the Sahana Disaster Management System, Free 🙂 (I even got it to rhyme!). This latest version of Sahana is integrated with messaging, which currently includes the ability to send messages via email and SMS. The latter works via a mobile phone acting as a GSM Modem, connected to the Kannel SMS Gateway. This release also sees GIS integration into the Organization Registry and the Inventory Management System. Excerpts from the official release by the Release Manager:
Sahana project is happy to announce the ‘0.5-Alpha’ release during
this festive season, also code named ‘Rudolph’. In this release, there
are number of improved features like, messaging capability using
SMS/Mail, tight GIS integration, handling confirmation/error messages
and many more.
Also two new modules were added to expand the capability of Sahana,
namely “Volunteer Management” (to manage volunteers) and
“Synchronization” (to synchronize the data between two or more sahana
instances) modules.

Check out the packaged versions at the Download site. Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

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