August 17, 2015

Whitepaper: Big Data Analytics In Sports – Introducing Football’s new 12th Man

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My recent white paper focuses on big data analytics in football/soccer: Big data analytics in sports – Introducing Football’s new 12th man


Goal! Lionel Messi lets loose a curling free kick from 20 metres out – over the Ajax wall and into the top left corner of the netting. Jasper Cillessen has no chance. Alongside great skill, relentless practice, individual presence of mind and the team effort that led to the free kick, science also played a big role in that goal – knowing exactly how the defender would react, how much spin is needed on the ball, the goal keeper’s strong side and who’d be taking the left sided free kick was already part of the pre-match briefing. A great team [arguably the best club today (disclaimer: the author of this white paper is an Arsenal fan so that means a lot!)] turned to a super team with the science of data analytics.

This white paper will look at why data analytics is important in football, and for that matter in any sport, along with the case for data analytics. It will also discuss the details of a solution and explain the features such a solution or technology can provide. Moreover, the paper will also take you through how this can be achieved with a technology stack that supports big data analytics.

I’m especially proud of the last image in the white paper, which is something I took during Arsenal’s FA cup victory parade in London



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