February 7, 2012

Creating Patches with SVN Diff

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I recently came across a situation where I had to generate a patch from SVN, where I was in a multi-developer environment, my code was committed in 2 batches, and there were changes from other developers in between. Thanks to the power of SVN, this is a breeze (of course, I’m not even going to start the version control debate here!!).
The format for SVN diff is as follows:

svn diff [-r N[:M]] [--old OLD-TGT] [--new NEW-TGT] [PATH...]

In this case, to generate a patch between revisions 1000 to 1020, only for files file1.php and file2.php would be as follows

svn diff -r 1000:1020 dir1/file1.php dir2/file2.php > mypatch.patch

For conventional patches, you would checkout the code, make your changes, and from the root locations run the svn diff, as

svn diff > mypatch.patch


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