January 21, 2009

Adding Google Calendars to Evolution

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Evolution Calendar offers a great way to manage tasks – reminders and all. And the popup tasklist in the taskbar is even greater. Google calendar on the other hand also offers a wide variety of benefits for an online calendar client. Here is a way to see all your Google calendar items from within Evolution – and thus letting you go offline with your GCal stuff in Evolution.

Ok – there seems to be some bugs overall which restricts 2 way sync between Google Calendar and Evolution (2.22.31) – however for simple calendars, here goes:

1. Create your calendar in Google Calendar
2. In the Evolution (2.22) mail client, select New->Calendar
3. Set the type of the calendar to Google
4. Give a name for your Calendar such as “Conquest of the Shire Timeline”
4. Enter your google account username in the Username section
5. Click OK, and enter your Google account password in the resulting box
6. Sit back and view your Google calendar in Evolution

There seems to be some bugs in accessing multiple calendars from the same account too. Anyways, as a workaround, you can add calendars as ICAL:

1. In your Google calendar account, within the specific calendar settings, copy
2. In Evolution, create a new calendar of the type “On the Web”
3. Enter the ICAL URL in the URL section: replace the ‘http://’ section with ‘webcal://’
4. The other steps are similar to the Google setup given above



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