November 15, 2007


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I’ve been inspired to create a Sahana specific blog for a long time. And finally, its here:
Now, people might wonder why I’m creating a second blog? It’s not like i’m posting once a day to this blog either, yeah? Well, I think I’m crazy too, so your normal πŸ™‚

Anyways, talkSahana is *supposed* to be multiauthored. Hopefully, I’ll get about to creating an aggregator, and modify wordpress to show some bobbing heads of the various authors. So, while you’re, you might as well peek over there πŸ™‚


November 10, 2007

Drivel: Offline blogging client

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Finally, I’ve crash landed on a single offline blogging client, and I hope this would be the start of a long lasting friendship. Drivel, an apt-get away on Ubuntu, is a desktop blogging client which allows you to post/blog to multiple blogs, from the comfort of your dektop (literally). It supports various types of Journals: LiveJournal, Atom, Blogger, MovableType and Advogato, and thus any blog that supports one of these types, including WordPress and Drupal using MovableType. Users have the ability to store their username, password for various accounts, and work offline saving blog posts for delayed posting. And the simple, uncluttered, spartan-looking user interface gives that polished look to the client. All in all, lets hope I blog more (ok…at least I’m hoping I do πŸ™‚ )

Drivel Client

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