May 26, 2007

Track 4 glory at AsiaSource II

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Asia Source II (Indonesia: January 2007) was one of the most inspirational events that I had ever attended, and it was loaded with fun. Our final presentation was filled with exactly that: FUN, and we were fortunate enough to have Elanto, who captured the whole thing on tape.
Groups were supposed to come up with creative presentations, and we being Track 4, and being known as “The Track from Hell”, settled for nothing less than our best.
The idea of performing a skit was inspired by something similar I had during my school days, where we performed Beauty and the Beast with a difference. This was basically something similar, where various well known characters come in costumes with the relevant background music, and give presents to the mother, who happened to give birth to a penguin 😉
The amazing thing was that we were able to decide, direct, train and present in 2 hours, on the morning of the presentation. And our creative fashion designers in the track also managed to find suitable costumes from within what we had. After deciding on the skit, I fixed the roles, whilst a combination of Agus and my laptops seemed to provide all the sound tracks we needed. Magie was in charge of HR, and together we tracked down the most suitable people for each character. Agus then worked his creative magic, cropping and gluing all the tracks to create one big track, whilst Magie and myself took to train the characters. Sam and Yasmin came up with the brilliant idea of making the presents meaningful, and got to work creating the extermely complex penguin puzzle, and trained everyone on the order of placement.
The following were the characters, and the person who played it, in order:
Mother – Dr. Francis
Penguin Child – Francis’ stuffed penguin
Mother’s sidekick – Sam
James Bond – Marek
Darth Vader, Star Wars – Mifan
Luke Skywalker, Star Wars – Waivit
Kate and Leo, Titanic – Yasmine and Hien
Will Smith, Wild Wild West – Agus
Bad Sisters – Joanna and Olivia
Gangsta Hood – Abilio
Dora and Boots – Sabeena and Anil
Ghostbusters – Roberto, Sri and Ravi
Cameraman – Elanto
And of course, the rest of Track 4 and the rest of Asia Source II 🙂
Adding the Youtube video below for your (or My) viewing pleasure


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