February 21, 2007

Asia Source 2 Tribute

Filed under: FOSS,Life,Linux — mifan @ 4:39 am

Exactly a month has passed since the start of Asiasource 2, and I guess the time is ripe for the camp tribute. Asia Source 2 was a camp style workshop session spanning 10 days, held in the wonderful city of Sukabumi in Indonesia. The event revolved around Open Source in the Asian region, and had a truly amazing mixture of participants from all over the world, including NGO personnel, decision makers, IT managers, software engineers etc. The participants were divided into 4 tracks, and concentrated on various specialized topics. The event was all fun, ranging from daily morning dramas, plays and songs at a so-called morning circle, afternoon water-polo in the pool, a bizarre concept called the bazaar where people sell all kinds of things, and of course the daily workshop routine. The night times were filled with amazing events, such as a traditional musical show, a traditional games night, a karaoke night and an open-mic night etc. All in all, the event was fun, a new family consisting of around 200 members was created, and the greatest part is that, we still keep in touch 🙂


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