January 10, 2007

Sahana mentioned in MySQL article

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Sahana is mentioned along side many great projects in a MySQL article, An Open Letter to the Community from MySQL Founders David Axmark & Michael Widenius. According to the Site:

Some other awe-inspiring MySQL stats that show the momentum of MySQL:
Major free software projects and hugely-popular Web sites such as the Sahana (disaster recovery system for the tsunami), and Human Genome Project (used for cancer research), Wikipedia, Bugzilla, Craigslist, Feedster, Flickr, Freshmeat, LiveJournal, Neopets, Slashdot, SugarCRM, Technorati, WordPress, CERN’s ATLAS Experiment — all taking advantage of MySQL’s speed, ease of use, flexibility, scalability and ecosystem

Now isn’t that a great list to be in? Definitely something to write home about. Thanks for the recognition guys, and we sure can hope for better times to come.


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