October 21, 2006

Google Gadget Awards

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The submission deadline of the Google Gadget Awards is nearing, a programming challenge to create Nifty Web/Desktop Gadgets. The expert panel to judge the event makes the competition a much sought after event. The following is an extract from Google:

What’s a “gadget”? It’s a simple tool that can be placed on the Google
homepage or on your computer’s desktop. How easy is it to build one? If
you can make a webpage, you can make a gadget. Why would you want to
enter this competition? Street cred. Bragging rights. The chance to
show your skills to millions, including a few famous folks in the tech

Which famous folks, in particular? A panel of world-class tech experts
including the editor-in-chief of Wired magazine and the founder of
Slashdot. Our panel will select the best gadgets: you could win an
award for best overall gadget, most useful gadget, most intelligent
gadget, prettiest gadget, or gadget most likely to help you get a date.
And your gadget can be used by Google users or anyone who has a webpage
around the world.

This, as was the Google Summer of Code, is open to Students only. Unfortunately, this time Students are limited to those studying in the U.S, and having a .edu email address. Me being a student in S.L and having a email address doesn’t help this time :(. Anyways, hope my colleugues from SoC 2006 can participate


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